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Trade Name History

The term “greenhouse effect” refers to the way infrared radiation from the Earth is trapped,thus heating up the atmosphere.

Solar radiation reaches the Earth through its atmosphere and warms the Earth’s  surface. The stored energy is then sent back to space as infrared radiation. However, as it is less powerful than incoming radiation, it is increasingly unable to cross the barrier of specific atmospheric gases know as greenhouse gases.

It is important not to confuse the natural greenhouse effect, without which the Earth’s mean temperature would drop from around plus 15C to minus 18C, with the contribution mankind is making to intensify the effect, largely through rapidly increasing CO2 emissions.

Based on the words GREEN, as a symbol of natural environmental purity and safety; WOOD, as a material with beauty and warmth; HOMES, as the basis of human living, our company trade name was born - GREEN WOOD HOMES (GWH).

Environmental Philosophy

Wood is an extraordinary material. It is beautiful, light and strong to build with, warm and welcoming to live with and it offers a simple way to reduce the CO2 emissions that are the main cause of climate change, through:

  • the carbon sink effect of the forest
  • the carbon storage effect of wood products
  • substitution for carbon-intensive materials
  • reduction Co2 sources
  • increase CO2 sinks


Every cubic meter of wood used as a substitute for other building materials reduces CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by an average of 1,1 t CO2. If this is added to the 0,9 t of CO2 stored in wood, each cubic meter of wood saves a total 2 t CO2. Based on these figures, a 10% increase in the percentage of wooden houses in Europe would produce sufficient CO2 savings to account for about 25% of the reductions prescribed by the Kyoto Protocol5(link)

About the company

Green Wood Homes is an American-Russian-Lithuanian joint–venture company, producing wooden houses based on GWH’s own technology of glued lam beams incorporated together with special insulation material. The company’s production plant is located in Russia. The head office is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, and coordinates other branches of the company, and is responsible for the company’s sales in Europe. Additionally, the company’s products are sold in Russia, Europe, the USA and Canada. GWH specialises in building commercial properties as well as in individual houses. The company has completed more than 100 various projects in Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Canada. GWH is especially proud of its commercial buildings: churches, children’s homes, kindergartens, hotels and stud farms.

The company’s specialists always create products according to the newest technologies and market requirements. The main focus is on environment and ecology. Our products are modern and fully satisfy the present-day requirements for energy saving. Heating of the house is achieved by the concept of the “passive house”.

A “passive house” is a building that does not require active use of energy for keeping its average yearly temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. The main requirement for such a house is that the use of energy for heating or cooling the house cannot exceed 15 kWh per square meter (about 1,5 cubic meter of gas). By comparison, an average modern house uses 100 kwh of energy per square meter. The main requirements for a passive house are: very strong rigidity, high thermo resistance for walls and roof, a cooling system with a high coefficient of efficiency, and optimal use of free heating sources (sun as solar). A well-isolated passive house works like a vacuum flask and stores energy for a long time.

A wooden house is a perfect choice for anyone who seeks a healthy life style and cares about the environment. Wood is beautiful, light and strong to build with, warm and welcoming to live in, and a real energiser for your body and soul.

One of the major strengths of GWH is its flexibility. We care about our customer’s comfort, needs and desires. Everyone has a dream house and the company is ready to make your dream come true. Special attention is paid to the quality of our products and services. Our specialists will create for you a new home of warmth, comfort and relaxation.

Our GWH glued lam beam was tested by the certified Laboratory of Building Thermal Physics in the Institute of Architecture and Construction of Kaunas University of Technology regarding the determination of thermal transmittance according to test method LST EN ISO 12567-1






Company Principals

Aleksander Y. Shestov

Chairman of Board of Directors
Doctor of Honor
Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy
Ph. D Technical Sciences
Industry experience since 1977

Kristina Simkute

Master Degrees in Engineering and Wood Processing Technology
Bachelor Degree in Finance
Industry experience since 2000

Richard A. Damkauskas

Master Degree in Marketing and Business Administration
Industry experience since 1986

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